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Dana Herman

Dana Herman is a leading member of the talented interior design team behind the transformations that come out of the Cederberg Kitchens & Renovations studio. She enjoys using her expertise and experience to create unique solutions, often redefining existing spaces completely to express her clients’ personalities.

Dana is passionate about the creative and collaborative aspects of planning a remodel and frequently reconfigures a room completely to make better use of the space or improve the traffic flow. She is excited by the challenge of complex projects and thrives on developing atypical designs.

As an experienced member of our design crew, Dana faces the difficult task of balancing customer needs in terms of budget and timing with the desire to deliver spaces that are current, creative, well-thought-out, functional and appealing. If a client has an exciting idea, Dana will work with our team of experienced contractors for home remodeling to bring it to fruition, or to find an acceptable alternative if it is simply impossible.

Dana’s Bachelor of Science degree in interior design and teaching qualifications and experience make her uniquely qualified to not only design beautiful spaces for our clients, but also to educate them about what is possible in the architecture and design of their homes. She is motivated by deadlines, opportunities to be creative and helping the team stay organized.

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