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The Cederberg Engagement Process

At Cederberg Kitchens & Renovations, we’re in the business of taking your home from functional to fantastic. Whether it’s an upgraded kitchen with all the bells and whistles, the spa-like bathroom of your dreams or a whole home transformation, our skilled and experienced team of kitchen and bath remodelers can help.

It’s a process to achieve your dreams on time, to your home design requirements and within budget, and there are many steps involved. But when you work with us, rest assured that we have streamlined our process and are with you every step of the way!


Good renovation projects start long before anyone swings a hammer. We believe proper planning is the backbone of any successful project. Our projects begin with creating a design that meets your needs and your budget. Then we plan the progress of the project, timing of trades and more. Materials are ordered, and deliveries scheduled. Permits are discussed and arranged, and we even make plans to work around your family and pets if you intend to remain in your home during construction.


Before we can create your ideal spaces, we need to get to a blank slate, and that means demolition. We start with a walk-through, identifying any features we want to keep or retain for re-installation. Then we protect floors and walls as needed, and carefully remove all the old and unwanted material from the space. Whether by dumpster or donation, waste is taken off-site, and our expert kitchen and bath remodelers have a clean, empty space that allows us to see all the hidden aspects of your home.

Framing and Rough-Ins

After we take everything out, it’s time to put it all back in, and that starts with framing, structural elements, plumbing and electrical. It may not be glamorous, but it’s literally the glue that holds your home together, and we make sure we get it right.

We measure twice and cut once, take our time to get everything in exactly the right place, and then it’s time for inspection, before we move on to the next phase of your home renovation.

Sheetrock and Cabinets

Framing and rough-ins may be the bones of your home, but they don’t look like much when they’re installed. Add sheetrock, mudding and taping, and cabinets, and the design you’ve only seen on paper starts to take shape.

We’ll repair your floors (or lay new ones if that’s part of the plan) and start adding some of the permanent fixtures in your home. Stone for countertops is measured and ordered, and we’re only a few steps away from the cosmetic processes that will really bring your home to life.

Finish and Trim Out

Finally, it’s time to add the wow factor! Tiles and hardware. Sinks and vanities. Accent walls and architectural moldings. All those touches that transform a house into a home are installed with meticulous care and attention to detail during this phase, and they take your home from bare bones to beautiful.

It may be the last step in the process, but it’s now that the home design we’ve created really leaps off the page and the screen, and you’re almost ready to take back your space.

Punch List and Sign-Off

We’re perfectionists with an eye for details, but even we miss something from time to time. That’s why the final step in your process is so important.

Before we consider your home renovation complete and issue your workmanship warranty, our kitchen and bath designers meet you on site for a final walk-through. Everything we’ve done in your home will be carefully inspected, and if there’s anything that isn’t complete, we’ll add it to the punch list.

Our crews work through the punch list one item at a time, until we’re satisfied that each one has been resolved perfectly. Then we check it all again, and finally, when your home meets our high standards, we’ll ask you to sign off on the project and issue your warranty.

Planning and Attention to Detail

Great renovation projects don’t just happen. They’re about planning, professionalism and precision. That’s what you get when you work with Cederberg Kitchens & Renovations, and it’s something we’re proud to put our name on. Contact us today to learn more about how the Cederberg Design Process and how we can help you streamline your project!

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