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A renovation that affected most of the main living space; kitchen, garden room, sm. dining space & living room. The primary goal was to organize the space so that the kitchen was the central point connected to all the surrounding rooms. Traffic patterns through the kitchen were changed to improve the working space and to allow for a new large window with a view of the back deck, yard & pool area. Removing the 8’0” ceiling ht. in the kitchen and building cathedral ceiling created a sense of grandeur and provided the perfect location to showcase a family heirloom chandelier. By adding a drop zone for mail and purses with a charging station, our kitchen renovation contractors gave purpose to an area between two main rooms that was initially an unused space as the family entered the house from the garage. Placing a wet bar and the family’s piano just outside of the formal dining room and around the corner from the kitchen gave purpose to a small dining space that was no longer needed.

PROJECT LOCATION: Hope Valley, Durham, NC



kitchen renovation contractors
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